Shelburne Farms, yesterday. #shelburnefarms #shelburne #vt #vermont #802 #btv #burlington (at Inn At Shelburne Farms)


"Brian, I feel love when you come to country concerts even though you hate them, help me stay awake during my midnight shifts at the DC, and send random "check in" texts. <3 Kier"


I spent the whole long day doing computer work. Yet, at the end of it all, I find myself sitting in a field as the sun makes it’s low swing towards the horizon. I’m picking way too many green beans while looking at this sky + slowly, I return to myself. I am home. #btv #vermonting #icf (at The Intervale)

A new perspective. It’s called the light spectrum perspective; what neat glasses! Thanks @benandjerrys !!


Martha at Living Well, I feel love when you are friendly and say “hi” to me even when you’re not in the office. Thank you.